ABOUT CuroWhite


Colourless, Tasteless and Odourless highly bio-available Turmeric Extract 

CuroWhite is a mixture of tetrahydro curcuminoids, hexahydro curcuminoids and octahydro curcuminoids. Better bioavailability, stability and anti-oxidant activity (Completely colourless and tasteless). Suited for food and beverage applications. Devoid of traditional turmeric yellow colour and taste.

White curcumin, derived from curcumin, is obtained by the catalytic hydrogenation of the curcumin and followed by the encapsulation to get more bio availability.

It is a unique blend of white curcuminoids which contain 75-80% of Tetrahydrocurdrocurcuminoids (THC), 15-20% of Hexahydrocurcuminoids (HHC) and 3-5% of Octahydrocurcuminoids (OHC)

Patent application no: 6309/CHE/2014

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Colourless, Tasteless, Odourless of Curcumin in a highly bioavailable form



Graphical representation of absorption of curcumin (600mg/Kg) and CuroWhite (25mg/Kg) in blood plasma

Key Ingredients




The anti inflammatory action of the curcumin can be mainly attributed due to the following reasons. Curcumin has the potential to inhibit the leukotrienes which are the possible mediators of many inflammatory disorders. Curcumin also inhibited the NF-ƙB activity that contribute to many inflammatory disorders. Reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species which play a crucial role in the damage of joint cartilages are inhibited by curcumin. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α) has a crucial role in many inflammatory conditions. Curcumin has the potential to inhibit the TNF activity there by promoting a healthy joint.