Research & Development

Our team comprises of doctorates, post-graduate scientists from multiple disciplines along with an Application team comprising of Chefs and food application specialists.

Our research and development initiatives are directed towards value added products and process innovation.

Our R&D Centre consists of state of the art laboratories, instrumentation such as HR MS-QTOF, GCMS/MS, LC MS/MS, UHPLC, HPLCs, pilot scale plants etc.

We establish the efficacy of new products with the help of pre-clinical and clinical studies. Within a short span, we have filed several patents and have already introduced new products with confirmed functional benefits.

Patents applied

Novel oral care formulation using spice extracts E-2/4752/2014-CHE 17/10/2014
Capsanthin concentrate from paprika for ocular health E-2/4751/2014-CHE 17/10/2014
Polar and non polar sandwiching technology for enhancing bio availability  of curcumin E-2/4755/2014-CHE 17/10/2014
Novel functional beverage as detoxifying agent E-2/4754/2014-CHE 17/10/2014
Novel nutraceutical product from Moringa leaf E-2/314/2015-CHE 04/02/2015
Novel natural antioxidant for vegetable oil E-2/315/2015-CHE 04/02/2015
A chlorophyll juice powder with nutraceutical  effects E-2/316/2015-CHE 04/02/2015
A novel antioxidant ingredient for food and beverages E-2/1017/2015 -CHE 31/03/2015
Beta Caryophyllene as anti inflammation agent E-2/1016/2015 -CHE 31/03/2015
A novel formulation for anti inflammation E-2/1015/2015 -CHE 31/03/2015
Novel method for preparing stabilized and bioavailable allicin E-2/1808/2015-CHE 26/06/2015
Novel formulation for anti diabetics E-2/1807/2015-CHE 26/06/2015
A novel method for preparing fried curry leaf oleoresin E-2/1809/2015-CHE 26/06/2015
Novel method for preparing  fried garlic and onion oleoresin E-2/1806/2015-CHE 26/06/2015
Novel formulation as brain tonic E-2/2202/2015-CHE 04/08/2015
Enzyme assisted extraction of natural flavour components E-2/2203/2015-CHE 04/08/2015
A novel NO-EPO enhancer formulation E-2/2201/2015-CHE 04/08/2015
Novel process /product for enhancing Baccosides E-2/2200/2015-CHE 04/08/2015
A novel formulation for anti inflammation containing hyaluronic acid E-2/2424/2015-CHE 25/08/2015
A novel formulation as cosmetic ingredient E-2/2425/2015-CHE 25/08/2015
A novel formulation for anti inflammation containing curcumin and ginger E-2/2426/2015-CHE 25/08/2015